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Nanni Gears was founded in 1971 by Silvano Nanni, who from the beginning has worked on the design and production of elliptical gears, which have the characteristic of transforming a uniform rotational motion into a rotational motion with speed varying during each revolution.
Today Nanni Gears supplies its elliptical gears - in steel, bronze, nylon and bakelized cloth - to several internationally-renowned companies, particularly manufacturers of automated machines for printing, textiles and general automation, which need to vary the speed of a shaft, a feeder, a blade or a welder in the course of a single revolution.
The company also produces elliptical pulleys which, like the gears, allow a variable speed on the output shaft whose belt is always taut, without the need for a belt tensioner.




Elliptical Gears

Non-circular Gears

Elliptical Pulleys

Spline shafts

300 mm diameter x 800 mm lenght maximum, 50mm x diameter x 1800 mm lenght maximum, Maximum module: 8 mm

Pulleys for positive drive, belts of any type.

Gears for chain Maximum diameter: 1200 mm

Straight and helical spur gears.

Module from 0,5 mm to 8 mm, Maximum diameter: 1200 mm